Flexible Booking Policy
FLEXIBLE BOOKING – Nirvana Wellness offers a free trip reschedule within 24 months if you are unable to travel due to Covid-19 related restrictions.

If you wish to cancel instead of reschedule then the following cancellation terms apply;

More than 60 days out = 90 % refund
Between 31 and 60 days out = 70 % refund
Less than 31 days out = no refund

*With Covid-19 related restrictions one of the following must apply:

You have contracted the virus within 30 days to departure and can provide medical evidence (certificate/statement) to support this.

The destination country prevents you from entering due to their governmental guidelines and restrictions on your country of residence.

Your country of residence prevents you from departing due to their governmental guidelines and restrictions on the embarkation point for the retreat.

Only if one or more of the above apply, Nirvana Wellness will offer a free re-schedule of your trip within 24 months from the initial departure date. 
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