If You Want to Heal and Feel the Calling, then Come Join Us...
10 Day Bufo Retreat in a Lush Tropical Paradise
Feb. 18, 2024* - Bacalar, Mexico 
Deep Healing With the Spirit of the 5MEO-DMT Toad - Registered Nurse On-Site 
10 Day Toad Venom Retreat
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Deep Healing With The Spirit of the 5MEO-DMT Toad Into The True Dreaming of Your Heart
Our Bufo Retreats Are Designed as Very Intimate Gatherings for Only 6 People At a Time, If This Page Is Online, Then Some Spots Are Still Available
* Retreat dates are in the process of being confirmed, but are currently tentative and subject to change.
spiritual healing toad venom dmt
spiritual healing toad venom dmt
What Is Bufo?
Bufo aka "Toad Venom", "Sapo," or simply "Toad" is the wise and extremely powerful medicine that's quickly growing in popularity.  It comes from a Toad that is commonly found in the Sonora desert and some parts of the American south west.  The glands of the toad are extracted (without causing any harm) to obtain a substance with over a dozen tryptamine compounds.

When dried, this substance can then be smoked in a pipe as the heat generated from smoking the venom through a pipe removes all traces of toxins, leaving only the medicinal substance used for healing purposes.

When smoked it causes an experience that is beyond imagination and description. Those who experience Bufo often report rapid healing of traumas, and many life-transforming and peak spiritual experiences. The main psychoactive ingredient is 5MEO-DMT, also known as the "God molecule." 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine) or O-methyl-bufotenin is a psychedelic of the tryptamine class.

The Beautiful Bufo Alvarious toad is currently declining in numbers because of irresponsible harvesters removing the toads from their natural habitat. When you participate in a retreat, rest assured that all medicine is sourced from trusted harvesters in the Sonoran Desert that collect the medicine in a respectful manner without harming the toads nor taking them from their natural habitat. 
What Does Bufo Feel Like,
and What Are The Benefits?
Every Bufo ceremony is unique for each participant, below you will find a brief account of what you may expect to experience. 

Bufo is very fast acting and one usually feels the maximum effects within 30 to 60 seconds while the most potent effects last for about 5 to 15 minutes (although this may seem a lot longer to the participant.)

During this process, it's common to completely dissociate with all that is known to you, your sense of self, identity, time, and any reference point to reality. There is often a deep sense of connecting to the divine and to the source of all that is.

After about 30 minutes to 1 hour one can usually return to normal consciousness, however residual effects can last for hours even days depending on the individual  However, the reason why people come back to Bufo is not because it's a "trip", it's because of the results and lasting positive transformation...
A Massive Dose of Compassion and Love
Bufo is a vibratory medicine, and one of the best ways to describe the experience is as a massive wave of compassion and love moving through you all at once at an extremely high frequency.

Anything that is stuck inside of you on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level which is not in resonance with this high frequency then has an opportunity to simply leave through a release, especially if you are held in a safe and loving container.

...and this is one of the reasons why so many are turning to Bufo: because of the rapidness of the healing.
spiritual healing toad venom dmt
ego death spiritual healing toad venom dmt
Deep and Rapid Healing of Emotional Traumas
As your being is surrounded and filled with peace and pure cosmic compassion, the first layer of blockages that pops is usually related with deeply stored emotional traumas and negative emotions...

You may experience:
Rapid and spontaneous release of repressed emotions.
Liberation of suppressed emotions from past life-times.
Deep healing of your heart.
Profound reclamation of your emotional power and strength.
Healing of Repressed Memories and Unhealed Wounds
Session after session, as emotional traumas melt away, so do repressed memories and deeply seeded unhealed wounds which are often associated with bad habits in life, relationships, negative thinking and suffering in general. You may start to feel...
The end of inner conflict, absolute forgiveness towards yourself and all people in your life.
The sudden absence of fears, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs that were previously holding you back.
A profound and lasting authentic peace and joy from the depth of your being.

wim hoff ego death spiritual healing toad venom dmt
Extreme Merging With Source Consciousness and Higher Self
You may experience...
A deep connection with pure consciousness, the source of the Universe, and your higher self.
Experience of non-duality and a sensation of Oneness with all that is
A sudden burst of inner-knowing, intuition and alignment with your heart and true path in this life.
If you feel like you've come to Earth for a powerful reason but you're frustrated and haven't found it yet, Bufo can help re-open the connection to yourself.
Effortless Living: Deep Abiding Trust in Yourself and Surrender With Life
After a deep dive with Bufo, life is never the same, people often report life becoming easier and more effortless in the most wonderful way.

Because Bufo is guaranteed to teach you one thing really well: Surrender. This is a beautiful and very deep lesson that spills into every cell and atom of your being, and into every aspect of your life.

Your ego takes a back-seat and a new force begins to move through you that slowly pulls synchronicity and right action into every aspect of your life as you integrate deeper and deeper.

An unshakeable abiding trust in yourself, your life, and life over-all begins to arise that cannot be conveyed or taught through words, it's just something you have to experience and live.
spiritual healing toad venom dmt
trauma healing dmt retreat
high vibration dmt trauma healing retreat
The Rapidness of Healing and Depth of Integration
The rapidness of healing with Bufo is what is drawing more and more people to this Medicine....

Bufo can be likened to a swan dive into absolute reality deep into the heart of truth, beyond knowing and unknowing... Many people say that they've gotten more out of a single session than countless years of practice and healing modalities.

Integration with Bufo is also very different in comparison with other plant medicines or psychedelics... there is not much for your conscious mind to do, as the transformation and healing largely happens on a subconscious level... after each ceremony you come out a different person, and life begins to re-organize around your new, often far "less dense" self.
How Past Life Recollection Feels During Bufo Ceremony
Recollection of past or future lives with Bufo can be very visceral.

If you have a hunch that all time is an illusion and that all your lives are happening simultaneously, you will be in for a treat.
high vibration spiritual healing breathwork dmt
Retreat Dates:
January 2022
Bacalar, Mexico
May 22, 2022
Bacalar, Mexico
January 22nd, 2023
Bacalar, Mexico
February 18, 2024
Bacalar, Mexico
Bookings Available!
10 Day Bufo Deep Dive
All Inclusive Retreat
Bacalar, Mexico
Come Experience 10 Life-Changing Days With Us in an Unforgettable Setting
If you're ready to experience deep trauma healing of Bufo and you feel the calling deep in your soul, then you're invited to spend a life-changing 10 days with Nirvana Wellness facilitators and a handful of exceptional human beings also called to Bufo... in an epic, breath-taking and supportive environment.

You will have the opportunity to go deep with this medicine; having the option to experience multiple times in order to reap the full healing benefits that this medicine has to offer. 

Situated in the Yucatán Peninsula in Southern Mexico, close to the boarder of Belize, is the beautiful retreat ground for our upcoming retreat near the Bacalar Lagoon. The name derives from Mayan languages:  bʼak halal, meaning "surrounded by reeds", and this site is a powerhouse of transformative energy.

We've rented a lush retreat center with direct access to the fresh water lagoon and everything we need to support us during the process.
healing retreat psychedelic
healing retreat psychedelic
healing retreat psychedelic
Your Safety Is Our Top Priority - Registered Nurse On-Site
Above all, when it comes to serving Bufo, we at Nirvana Wellness are absolutely committed to providing you with the safest environment possible for your Bufo experience, including a registered nurse on site through the duration of the retreat.

As an additional safety precaution, all participants will go through a short health evaluation, including checking all vital signs, at the beginning of the retreat before any ceremonies take place. 

Because we care deeply about you, and about this medicine and sharing its potential properly, we are committed to creating and upholding the highest standard of Bufo facilitation with respect to safety, training, integration support, physical and mental comfort during your stay.

Bufo is not for everyone, which is why we take extra precautions to screen retreat applicants for psychological and physical health before participating.

Aside from some mandatory safety rules and policies, you will never be expected to participate in any activity in which you are not comfortable. We will never push you to do something that you do not wish to do. We respect everyone's freedom and individual right to choose what they will and will not do, as long as their choices do not endanger or violate the boundaries of anyone else. :)
trauma healing retreat
trauma healing retreat
How Bufo Initiation Works and
What Exactly We'll Be Doing
If it comes across their path, most people only try Bufo once or twice in their lives.

This alone can be a life-changing experience, but it's not what we are offering at the retreat.

We're inviting you to go deep.

At the retreat, what is being offered is a Bufo initiation, this is a profound healing and life changing experience that will take you to places within you beyond your wildest dreams.

If you should choose to accept this invitation, your relationship to life is likely to be forever transformed.

Very simply, at the retreat, Bufo ceremony will be offered every single day, with a maximum of twice daily per participant.

No-one will force you to come to ceremony, one always comes on their own will and volition.

Something very profound happens when Bufo is done daily,

The power of the medicine and the depth of healing expands exponentially.

At the retreat we will be hosting ceremony for 8 to 9 days and we encourage you to complete every ceremony offered, however you're welcome to stop or keep going at however many sessions you feel guided towards.

This may sound wild, however this is when the deep healing truly begins, and every facilitator of the Bufo Foundation always goes through an intense Bufo facilitator inititation consisting of at least 36 full back-to-back sessions.

We've walked this path before you, and are there to guide you every step of the way.
Who Will You Be Spending Time With?
dmt toad venom healing

dmt toad venom healing


Facilitator and Registered Nurse

Bonnie Divina Maa, RN, CCRN, E-RYT 500, is an initiated Shamanic Practitioner of Energy Medicine, Medicine Woman,  and Multi-Dimensional Intuitive Healer. She served for 20 years as a critical care nurse specializing in trauma and cardiac care. In her current practice, she specializes in shadow work, trauma resolution, entheogen integration, and ascension work and utilizes her own unique blend of bodywork, energy work, sound healing, and talk therapy for accelerated healing and evolution. 

dmt toad venom healing
Emilia is a singer-songwriter and vocal coach specializing in mantras and uplifting music for holistic, wellness, and yoga events. 
​Her specialties are alignment-based vinyasa and yin/restorative yoga. She is an expert meditation facilitator, masterfully weaving science and spirituality into her guided meditations, cultivating an experience approachable for beginner and seasoned meditators. ​She applies techniques and sage philosophy from her studies in India, where she completed her RYT 200, and delivers them with lighthearted radiance. 
dmt toad venom healing
Raiu brings his music and sound healing to the retreat. He has spent his life helping people heal with his gifts. Music in and of itself is a form of medicine. His calm and relaxed energy is contagious, and we are honored to have him helping at the retreat. 
dmt toad venom healing
Ananda & Vanessa
Ananda Buddhi began his spiritual path at the age of 16 (1974), with a spiritual Master and different Guides. He is an expert in applied holistic ancestral medicines, bioenergetic and cellular nutrition, naturopathy, aromatherapy, osteopathy, healing of the subtle bodies, and personal development. Clarity is regularly requested from him as a consultant and trainer for spiritual retreat centers, both new and existing in the World. The Ananda Buddhi Service is a real action that generates trust, healing, clarity, hope, love... his work is professional and deep. As a therapist, he gives Medicine adapted to the needs of each person. 

Durga is the wife of Ananda Buddhi. Her path of inner development began more than 20 years ago with teachers of meditation, anthroposophy, yoga and alternative natural medicines. As of 2012, she began the teaching practices of Ananda Buddhi, which sees him as a Master in an experiential way in the field of ancestral and bioenergetic medicines.
She is an aspiring student and a continuous practitioner to go deeper into the self-knowledge of her Being and the Divinity, as well as to support each person she wants to heal.

*Note - Facilitators subject to change. Smaller retreats with less attendees may have less facilitators. 
Plus... Besides the Life-Changing Bufo Ceremonies, There Will Be These Goodies...
dmt toad venom healing
spiritual retreat healing yoga
spiritual retreat healing yoga
 Daily Activities Including
- A private boat tour on the lagoon
-Yoga, meditation, sound healing, and lots more 
-Campfire singing and instruments on select evenings (a favorite experience for           many guests). 
Daily dream analysis
Bufo causes some really vivid and powerful dreams at night, you will be encouraged to write down your dreams and bring them to the group in the morning for sharing and interpretation.
3 fully catered meals per day
We will have three healthy, wholesome, delicious meals per day in addition to local fruit, snacks, and smoothies! You will not go hungry at this retreat, we guarantee it :)
Temazcal sweat lodge
A Temazcal is a powerful cleansing process that is considered a sacred ancient Mesoamerican tradition. It is the first step towards releasing negativity and fear, opening oneself up to receive healing. Afterwards, step out and take a dip into the cool fresh water lagoon feeling refreshed, renewed, and revitalized to begin your work with the medicines. 
 Mushroom Ceremony
Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years for healing and spiritual growth. In Spanish they are referred to as "ninós" meaning "children" as they are considered a more gentle and playful medicine. After your deep work with Bufo, we will have a mushroom ceremony towards the end of your retreat. Having mushrooms after bufo can be a wonderful way to accelerate the integration and processing before heading back home to your regular life. 
Daily sharing and integration circles
Outside of the ceremony space, the bulk of the retreat will happen during group sharing and integration circles. Life-long beautiful friendships and alliances may be forged, as you will be having very profound experiences with other like-hearted and like-minded beings. Being able to share with others who are going through the same process is paramount during the initiation.
Our dedicated support and care
We're with you every step of the way during this experience. Private consultations with facilitators are possible for more sensitive healing or issues that feel too personal to share with the group. Both male and female facilitators will be available so all guests can easily find an understanding ear for more sensitive conversations. 

Retreat Schedule (9 Nights)

spiritual retreat healing yoga dmt

Minor changes to the schedule may be made throughout the retreat. The schedule is designed so that you will have plenty of free time to connect with nature, journal, relax and reflect. 

Do I Qualify?

Here are the basic requirements if you'd like to join us at the retreat...

You must feel "called" to Bufo, and be committed
In order to come, we must be certain that you really want this from the depth of your heart and soul. No-one can force you to come and you can't come just because "you're curious" - This is an intense initiation and requires deep personal commitment. This will likely be the single most powerful experience of your entire life thus far.
You need to have done some form of personal development in your past before
Prior experience with sacred medicine is not necessary, however you need to be open minded and be already actively pursuing personal and spiritual growth. If you're already practicing meditation, yoga, inquiry or any form of regular practice, this is a green light for us.
You physical health must be in good condition
You must be in sufficient cardiovascular health to able to walk, run, hike or ride a bike.
You mental health must be in good condition
If you've suffered from any major mental illness over the past 3 months, you do not qualify.
You must have courage and a hunger for truth
No one will force you to come and it's on your own terms.  Sometimes courage will be the only defining factor between showing up or not.
A strict policy against certain Pharmaceutical drugs
For your own safety, if you are currently taking any pharmaceutical medications that modulate or alter your heart rate, blood pressure, or brain chemistry, you do not qualify for the retreat. If you really want to come, we ask that you sort out your health first before applying.
You must be ready...
Consider the possibility that after your first ceremony everything you believe about yourself and reality turns out to be untrue, and that an entirely new modality of life presents itself to you from the depths of your being.  Are you truly open for this possibility and transformation?
Are you truly ready to leave your suffering behind and the entire identity you've built up around it?
Strictly religious persons prohibited
If you're currently embracing dogmatic and strict religious views or practices, you do not qualify. We highly recommend that you open your mind first and dive into self inquiry before approaching any sacred plant medicines or Bufo to discover that spirit(or God) is in more places than just one world-view or one book.
Lastly, we have a strict "nice people only" policy
If you've got attitude, or feel entitled to whine and complain about anything and everything, then this is not going to work for you. We find it silly that we have to mention this but yes, there are people like this out there ;-)

Your Questions Answered

spiritual retreat healing yoga
Is Bufo dangerous? Can I lose my mind? Can I die? I've heard some fearful stories...
Bufo alone is not dangerous, however mixing it with other plant medicines or pharmaceuticals is highly cautioned against.

Most of the nightmare stories come from unaware people who take Bufo in a party setting, are unprepared for the intensity of it, or who mix Bufo with Ayahuasca, this is a serious no-no as Ayahuasca contains MAO inhibitors (compounds which prevent the breakdown of DMT in your blood-stream and prolong it's effects.)

Your safety is our top priority. This retreat is strictly a Bufo retreat and for your own safety there is a very strict no drugs, no alcohol, and no pharmaceuticals policy.

Although not a major safety concern, caffeine and stimulants are also not allowed on this retreat as they act as blockers for the medicine... Sorry, no coffee.

Since its rediscovery in the 1960 Bufo has been used by thousands for its healing properties.

Used under the guidance of trained facilitators it is very safe and a very powerful tool for healing your body, mind and soul.

Most of the other fearful stories that come around Bufo are from malpractice and from unprepared people trying it "recreationally" not realizing the potency of this medicine and not being prepared for the intense emotional release that can happen during a ceremony.
What is included at the retreat?
Everything you could possibly need during your process and Bufo ceremony experience is included: Accommodation, 3 catered meals per day, and a lot of extras already covered above.
What do I need to do to prepare?
In terms of preparation for the retreat itself and Bufo ceremony, everything will be explained to you in your welcome package as well as during your application call, what is most important is that you abstain from alcohol and any recreational drugs or plant medicines a week prior to the retreat.
I have very limited experience with plant medicines or psychadelics, can I still come?
In our opinion, there is no substance on Earth that can prepare you for your experience with Bufo. Nothing compares, this medicine is extremely powerful.

Prior experience with sacred medicine is not necessary, many people have attended Bufo ceremonies before with zero prior experience and have had life-changing journeys.

However the one requirement is that you need to be open minded and already actively pursuing personal and spiritual growth and have had a history of some kind of practice.

If you feel the calling and you're already practicing meditation, yoga, inquiry or any form of regular practice, you'll love this experience.

If you're coming "fresh off the boat" right out of the rat race and you've never questioned your reality for one moment or done any form of emotional processing, then this may be a little bit too much to handle.

The most challenging processes with Bufo come up with intense traumas and suppressed traumas come up to the surface to be healed.  Very often our mind blocks out intense traumas out of our memory until such time when we are aware and evolved enough to process them.
How exactly is the retreat going to work? How many Bufo sessions and ceremonies will there be?
The retreat is a Bufo intensive, which means Bufo ceremony will be offered at least 3 times (with the option to go deeper with more if necessary) to every participant and you are welcome to participate in accordance with your own will and choice. Each Bufo session is conducted in a highly ceremonial way and there will be a great sense of togetherness and bonding amongst the group. During a group ceremony, Bufo is only administered to one person at a time. The retreat will comprise of group and individual ceremonies. There is much more to explain about the retreat, if you're seriously interested and want to know more we highly recommend that you click the green button below and schedule an application call to find out more.
I've tried DMT before... how does Bufo compare to DMT?
There is absolutely no comparison between DMT and Bufo, even though Bufo contains 5MEO-DMT, this is an entirely different molecule which is in an alchemical symbiosis with all the other tryptamine compounds found in Bufo.

In terms of the experience there is absolutely no comparison... but if we'd have to give you an analogy... In comparison to Bufo... DMT is like smoking a cigarette, Bufo is like being beamed right up into the mothership of your higher self and source consciousness.

The Bufo smoke also has a very pleasant flavor and smell and is very easy on the lungs, Bufo comes straight from mother nature and is not synthesized in anyway, it is considered a natural sacred medicine and has been used all over the world for it's healing and transformative effects.
The content found here is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a doctor. Please follow the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never ignore professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this page.

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