March 17, New Episode: 38 Day Bufo Initiation - True Story - Part 1
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Latest Episode: 38 Days of Death and Rebirth - Bufo Initiation Story
Bufo is the incredibly powerful healing psychedelic 5MEO-DMT toad medicine of the Mexican Sonora desert. It's poised to help radically transform humanity away from fear and into abiding source consciousness, but the toads are dying, and the medicine is in danger of being abused.

The Bufo Foundation is dedicated to the spreading of Bufo in the spirit of global healing, de-traumatizing humanity, and saving the Bufo Alvarius toad from extinction.

New Episode: 38 Days of Death and Rebirth - Bufo Initiation Pt 1

March 17, 2020 - By Kacper Maciej Postawski

In this episode I go deep into sharing my story of what brought me to Bufo initiation and my account of what happened during my 38 session Bufo Initiation.

38 sessions of Bufo back to back, the most powerful psychedelic on the planet, back to back, in a period of 5 weeks... here's what happened to me. Click play and enjoy:
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Our Vision and Mission:
The vision of the Bufo Foundation is the safe global proliferation of Bufo in the spirit of global healing and de-traumatization of human kind. Our three-fold mission is as follows:
(1) To protect and preserve the Bufo Alvarius toad from extinction.

(2) To create and uphold a global standard of excellence for the shamanic facilitation of the powerful Bufo Alvarius spiritual medicine.
(3) To standardize the training of Bufo facilitators in such a way to offer the safest, most trustworthy, credible, and effective healing environment for participants.
Who Are We? 
Lead Facilitator
After a profound life-transforming journey that changed every facet of his life, Felix has devoted his life to sharing Bufo with others. Fiercely committed to safety and integrity, his constant searching for knowledge and more effective ways to help others experience the medicine and it's healing potential is what drives the heart of the Bufo Foundation.
Kacper helps people reconnect to their purpose and mission, and get on track to living a life worth living. After experiencing a deep personal healing with Bufo he's extremely passionate about sharing this medicine with others and building a foundation that can help Bufo proliferate globally through a culture of safety, surrender, and evolution.
Curious About Our Bufo Initiation Retreats? Find Out Out More...
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